Kashmir is famous for its beauty, lakes, landscape, hills, & snow capped mountains but it also serves some mouth watering street food, which you don’t want to miss!

Lets have a look at the yummy list of street food! Don’t miss it on your visit.


Nader Monje is fried lotus stem served with spicy onion chutney. Vendors hurtling nader monje in their carts is a common sight around Sufi shrines in the valley and the Hazratbal shrine in the capital Srinagar. The dish is prepared by coating lotus stems with rice or gram flour and then deep frying them in oil.


One cannot stop munching on this addictive on-the-go snack. Light and salty, the fried peas would be a perfect accompaniment to an evening stroll on the Jhelum Bund.

Kulfi with sewaiyyan

The street food in the valley also offers gastronomical delights for those with a sweet tooth. While you can find kulfi on the streets of Delhi too, the kulfi here is served with sewaiyyan. Enjoy the dessert in the summers because noon-chai or kehwa would be a better option during the bone-chilling winter cold.


It’s usually yellow in color, prepared by mixing sooji with ghee and lots of dry fruits.


Stand aside Tacos, Falafels and invader Shwarma. This comes with the curd, onion Chitney and a thin Lavasa (Tandori Roti). The hot and gooey chickpea filling is spread over fresh lavasa and served wrap-style.


This cheeto look alike is actually sweet and gooey. It kinda melts in your mouth if complemented with kehwa or tea.


Those with a non-vegetarian palate can try the crispy Gaad Monje instead of Nadir Monje. People who shy away from having fish because of its smell will love this traditional fried snack because this one won’t emit the usual odour. The radish-and-curd chutney it is served with makes it a must-have on your plate.

Paratha (Deep-fried poori)

Kashmir’s romance with all things fried extends to the poori. Almost seven times the size of a North Indian poori, the paratha is a huge flat bread, with no stuffing inside.  Have it with yellow halwa and your taste buds will thank you for it.


Mixture of carrot, raddish, Nuder is a treat to the taste buds

TUJJI/ Barbeque.

If you want to try the street Food of Srinagar as an insider, then start with Tujj or Kashmiri Kebabs. If you never tried this, then I can bet that you would be mesmerized with its smell only. And the taste of it is just another Heaven.

Chicken Kanti

It’s a famous dish of Kashmiri Cuisine. Chicken Kanti is made up with lots of almonds and cashews to it. It tastes very amazing and if you are a Non-vegetarian than you shouldn’t give a miss to it. It’s one of the most famous street food items of Srinagar.

Kashmiri Naan

If you are planning to visit to Srinagar, than make sure that you will going to eat Kashmiri Naan. It is prepared with highly rich stuffing’s like milk, yogurt, almonds, melted ghee, sugar and importantly glazed cherry. You must try this street food item of Srinagar.

Kashmiri Shufta

It’s the most famous dessert of Kashmir and especially made on festivals and marriages. Kashmiri Shufta is a mixture of Dry fruits and spices coated with sugar syrup. Dry fruits are soaked in water and then mixed with Ghee, not a hard task to make but it’s just amazing Dessert.

Wazwan is a multi-course meal in Kashmiri cuisine, usually served in a Trammi or traem. Mostly served during weddings, the very name is enough to bring aroma of your home town when you are outside the valley. Just say the word “Wazwan” in any Kashmiri home and there is not a single person who would not say “Aab ounthe mei, bathe taraem wathiha” (You made my mouth water wish someone could send me a Taraem).